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As required by the recent Decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers aimed at containing the spread of the epidemic of the new coronavirus, it has been postponed to a date to be defined the final event of

Next Monday, 7 October, the “Glottodrama courses”, activated as part of the “Metti in scena l’italiano” project and intended for foreign citizens between 18 and 40 years old, will begin. The project, which proposes the learning of the Italian language

It has begun “Metti in scena l’italiano”, project co-financed by the European Union, National Operational Program Legality 2014-2020 - FSE/FESR, with the Municipality of Capo d'Orlando as leader. The project, that will last one year, involves municipalities, schools, associations and

The course, held by the Glottodrama Academy, provides classroom training for a total of 40 hours. The lessons are attended by 15 people including schools and CPIA teachers, theatre experts, Sprar operators, employees of the public sector, members of associations