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project Metti in scena l'italiano

The Project

Integration and social inclusion project co-financed by the European Union, National Operational Program Legality 2014-2020 - FSE/FESR


Social and economic inclusion



90 citizens aged between 18 and 40 from non-EU countries



Language training through a performative approach



12 months


“So there are those who use Italian as a tent and a shelter to be assembled and folded up quickly after use, only useful for guaranteeing essential shelter; who makes it a less precarious hut, but still bare and unadorned; those who instead make it their stable, more comfortable and “furnished” home and, finally, those who manage to make the new language a castle and a palace.”

Gabriella Favaro

target Metti in scena l'italiano

The Objectives

The project uses the Glottodrama method to teach the Italian language to citizens of non-EU Countries. In order to:
– promote integration and social inclusion
– promote extra-linguistic, socio-pragmatic and intercultural competences
– facilitate the search for job opportunities
– accompanying foreigners on the path to citizenship
– increase the connection between the services for the inclusion of migrants already present in the territory
– raise individual and local empowerment levels
– strengthen the skills of those who teach Italian as L2
– develop effective multicultural communication in the area


The Glottodrama Method

The Glottodrama Method experiments an innovative approach of language learning, aimed at integrating the techniques and dynamics of the theatre laboratory into language teaching. The Glottodrama aims to integrate into the educational path a specific work on the recitative aspects (intonation of voice, mimicry, gestures, etc.) that frees the ability to perform linguistic acts adequate to real communicative situations, reaching a higher mastery of the expressive means and greater awareness of their practical effects. All of this it’s done in order to facilitate verbal and non-verbal communication in favor of social inclusion of foreigners, their search for job and accompany them on the path of citizenship.
doing Metti in scena l'italiano

The Activities

Main actions and activities carried out within the project

Thematic tables

The project coordinator and partners discuss specific experiences with third-country citizens, plan and verify ongoing activities and at the end of the project. The objective is to strengthen and expand the network of collaboration in the area with specific memoranda of understanding.

Field research

Through interviews and questionnaires submitted to foreign residents, the consequent analysis of the data and the interpretation of the results, we can understand their need to learn Italian and the difficulties in learning in order to have a clear view of the training needs.

Training on Glottodrama

The training course on the Glottodrama Method is carried out by the Glottodrama Academy and the High School for Linguistic Mediators and is aimed at people indicated by partners and participating subjects: teachers of schools and CPIA, theater experts, Sprar operators, municipal employees, members of associations that intend to learn and apply the Glottodrama Method.

Glottodrama course

At the end of the training, two 90-hour courses with classes consisting of 15 foreign people each are activated in the identified locations of Capo d'Orlando, Patti and Milazzo. At the end of the training programm, each class puts on a show. Finally, it’s carried out a check on the effectiveness of the Glottodrama method, both as a learning of Italian and as a social inclusion in the territory.
lead Metti in scena l'italiano

The Lead Organisation

Municipality of Capo d'Orlando

Cooperativa Servizi Sociali

The Partners