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Metti in scena l'italiano

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Metti in scena l’italiano: October 7 at the start of the “Glottodrama courses”

Next Monday, 7 October, the “Glottodrama courses”, activated as part of the Metti in scena l’italiano” project and intended for foreign citizens between 18 and 40 years old, will begin. The project, which proposes the learning of the Italian language as a tool for integration and social inclusion, is co-financed by the European Union, National Operational Program Legality 2014-2020 – FSE/FESR, with the Municipality of Capo d’Orlando as leader.

The “Metti in scena l’italiano” project focuses on the context of theatrical language teaching through the Glottodrama Method, which uses a laboratory and cooperative teaching method to help students learn Italian through acting. In this context, two weeks of classroom training were held for a total of 40 hours in which 15 people took part including teachers from schools and CPIAs, theater experts, Sprar operators, municipal employees, members of associations who intend to learn and apply the Glottodrama Method.

After the training activity, carried out with the help of the Agency for Research and Linguistic Training “International Language Academy S.r.l.” and of the Glottodrama Academy of the Fermo educational center, it is now time to activate the six planned Glottodrama courses, two for each location identified in Capo d’Orlando, Patti and Milazzo, with two weekly meetings for each location in the morning and in the afternoon. The classes will consist of 15 foreign people, coming from outside the European Union, aged between 18 and 40 years. Lessons will be held by language teachers and theater experts. To allow attendance to the courses, transport services and baby parking will be available. Participation will entitle you to receive 3 euros per hour.

At the end of the courses, of 90 hours each, each class will stage a theatrical show.

Partner of the project is the Cooperativa Servizi Sociali, which boasts a consolidated experience in the field of reception services and integration paths. The Provincial Center of Education for Adults of Messina, the Comprehensive Institute 1 of Capo d’Orlando, the Municipalities of Milazzo, Castroreale and Sant’Angelo di Brolo, as well as cultural associations and of social promotion.

Other project partners are the Sikanie social promotion association, the Nuovi Teatri cultural association, the Uri Mena United Religions association and the agencies 3 Service and Free Day Production.