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Metti in scena l'italiano

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“Metti in scena l’italiano”, the social inclusion project with the Glottodrama Method, started up

It has begun “Metti in scena l’italiano”, project co-financed by the European Union, National Operational Program Legality 2014-2020 – FSE/FESR, with the Municipality of Capo d’Orlando as leader. The project, that will last one year, involves municipalities, schools, associations and local businesses and proposes the italian language learning as an instrument of integration and social inclusion for people coming from outside the European Union. Following a research conducted in the field and after analysing the data collected, were identified the foreign residents beneficiaries of the project, 90 people aged between 18 and 40.

The activity center is the ambit of theatrical language teaching through the Glottodrama Method, which uses laboratory and cooperative teaching to teach Italian through acting. The course includes two weeks of classroom training for a total of 40 hours. The lessons are attended by 15 people including teachers from schools and CPIA, theatre experts, Sprar operators, municipal employees, members of associations who intend to learn and apply the Glottodrama Method. At the end of the training course, in the identified locations of Capo d’Orlando, Patti and Milazzo, will be activated six courses (two for each location) of 90 hours each with classes composed of 15 foreign people. At the end of the course, each class will stage a show.

Partner of the project is the Cooperativa Servizi Sociali which has a proven and consolidated experience in the sector of reception services and integration paths. Also, have been involved in the project the Center for Adult Education of Messina, the Comprehensive Institute 1 of Capo d’Orlando, the Municipalities of Milazzo, Castroreale and Sant’Angelo di Brolo, as well as cultural and social promotion associations.

The start of the course, at the headquarters of the Cooperativa Servizi Sociali, was held by Professor Carlo Nofri, director of the Linguistic Research and Training Agency “International Language Academy Srl” and president of the Glottodrama Academy of the Fermo educational center, partner of the project.

For the Mayor of Capo d’Orlando, Franco Ingrillì, “this qualifying initiative is in continuity with the activities, aimed to integration and social inclusion, that the Municipality has put in place over the past years in synergy with other local organizations. Capo d’Orlando has been a leader in many fields and we are very happy to promote all the initiatives that go in the direction of removing the social, economic and political barriers that prevent the integration process ”.

According to the President of the Cooperativa Servizi Sociali, Cono Galipò, “knowledge of the language is essential step in overcoming difficulties understanding and adaptation, and to facilitate the insertion into the working world. This course increases the quality of the services offered in the area: the Glottodrama method proposes a new approach to language training aimed at integration and helps to strengthen the skills of teachers, volunteers and professionals ”.

Other project partners are the Sikanie social promotion association, the Nuovi Teatri cultural association, the Uri Mena United Religions association and the agencies 3 Service and Free Day Production.